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⚠️WARNING: What Every Senior Needs To Know About Medicare Supplement Plans.


My Name is Chris DeNorch I Am The Owner Of eMedicareGuide.com I’ve Been An Insurance Broker For 20 Years. I Would Like To Share Some Information With You About Medicare Supplements You May Not Be Aware Of.

  • Did You Know That Medicare Makes It Easy To Shop And Compare Medicare Supplement Coverage?
  • Did You Know That The Letter Of Your Plan Determines Your Coverage Not The Insurance Company?

This Information Can Be Found In The “Medicare and You” Guide Book You Get Every Year On Pages 69-71.

“Insurance Companies Can Sell You Only a Standardized Policy Identified By letters A Though D, F Thorough G, and K through N. All Policies Offer The Same Basic Benefits “ page 69

What This Means To You Is That You Can Get The Same Coverage You Have Now From Any Insurance Company That Offers The Same Plan At A Lower Rate.

                                        Here is the Problem You Face…

Every Year Your Insurance Company Will Increase Your Monthly Premiums. If You Don’t Stay On Top Of Your Rates. The Next Thing You Know You Will Be Paying Hundreds And Even Thousands Of Dollars Per Year More Than You Need To.

And It Gets Worse…

If You Wait Until You Can’t Afford Your Coverage To Shop For a Better Rate. You May Discover That You Do Not Qualify Based on Your Medical History.

Which Means You May Not Be able To Afford Your Coverage When You Need It The Most.

But There Is An Easy Solution…

With eMedicareguide.com You Can Easily Shop And Compare Medicare Supplement Rates. We Have Access To All Of The Insurance Carriers And We Can Make Sure You Are Not Paying Too Much.

Here Are The Top Reasons Why You Could Be Paying Too Much … 

  • You’ve Had Rate Increases Year After Year And Now Your Policy Is No Longer At A Competitive Price. (the number one reason most people switch)
  • You’ve Moved Recently And The Plan You Have Is Not Competitively Priced In Your Area (happens a lot)
  • You’ve Bought A Plan From AARP Or Another Association Because You Were Told You Were Getting A Discount. (AARP has great rates in FL but not everywhere)
  • You’ve Bought A Plan Directly From An Insurance Company Without Shopping Around. (may have responded to an ad in the mail or saw them On TV)
  • You’ve Bought A Plan From a Captive Insurance Agent Or Broker With Limited Products. (might be OK but can it cost you)

Get Your Free Quote Today And Save $400.00 Or More..

There is No Obligation And Every Plan We Offer Includes A No-Risk 30 Day Free Look Period.

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P.S.  If You Don’t Know Which Letter Plan You Have It Can Be Found On Your Insurance Card.

Thank You,

Chris DeNorch

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