What Is Medicare Plan F?

Understanding Medicare Supplement Plan F


Currently Medicare Supplement Plan F is The most comprehensive coverage available. Plan F is considered to be the “Cadillac” of medicare supplement plans because it will pay for all of the gaps in your medicare coverage.  Over 40% of all Supplement plans purchased Today are Plan F.


How Does Medicare Plan F Work?


For example lets say you needed  hip or knee replacement surgery.  The total cost could be as much as $80,000.00 or more including hospital stay and follow up care etc. Traditional Medicare Would Cover 80% after the deductible $1260.00. The Remainder of the bill ($16,000.00)  and the Part A deductible ($1,260.00) would be paid for by your Medicare Plan F coverage. With the exception of any Medication co-pays. You would Pay Nothing Out Of Pocket. The only thing you would need to worry about is recovering from surgery. You can rest assured knowing that you are fully covered.


Here Is What You Get…


  • You Can See Any Dr. That Accepts Medicare. You Are Not Limited To Any Network Or Service Area. (even outside of your home state)
  • It Will Pay Your Part A Deductible of $1260.00 And The Daily Hospital Charges That Medicare Doesn’t Cover. Including An Additional 365 Days Of Hospital Coverage After Medicare Runs Out. (Plan F picks up where Medicare Leaves Off )
  • It Will Pay Your Part B Deductible of $147.00 And Co-Insurance For In Patient Or Out Patient Medical And Surgical Services, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Medical Equipment, And Medical Supplies.
  • It Will Pay For The First 3 Pints Of Blood (Medicare won’t Pay for that) As Well As Hospice Co-payments And Co-Insurance.
  •  It Will Pay For An Additional 80 Days At A Skilled Nursing Facility Medicare Only Covers The First 20 Days. (After 20 days you’re on the hook for 157.00 per day)
  •  It Will Pay For 100% Of Part B Excess Charges Above The Medicare Approved Amount.  (If the Dr. charges more than Medicare is willing to pay this will pick up the difference)
  •  It Also Includes $50,000.00 Of Foreign Travel Coverage For Medically Necessary Emergency Care Outside Of The United States. (So if you like to travel you are covered in an emergency)
  • You Cannot Be Turned Away For A Pre-Existing Condition If You Apply Within 6 Months Of Starting Medicare Part B


The Best Part Is That Medicare Supplement Plan F Can Be Affordable. 

Every Plan We Offer Includes A No-Risk 30 Day Free Look Period.

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