What Everyone Should Know About Medicare Supplement plans.

My Name is Chris DeNorch.  I’m an insurance broker at eMedicareGuide, and I am going to share some information that can save you thousands of dollars on your Medicare supplement plan.

There are really only two things you need to know…… 

  • Insurance companies use your zip code to set the rates. (So where you live determines the cost)
  • Cost is the only difference between Medigap policies with the same letter sold by different insurance companies.


So what does that mean to you?


Let me share a few examples…

 Let’s look at Plan F rates for a 70 year old woman in three different Colorado zip codes


81505   (Grand Junction)  Plan F  Mutual of Omaha $152.71 — Humana $218.11  $784.00 per year difference for the same plan

80905 (Colorado Springs)  Plan F  CSI Life 137.92 — Aetna 176.60  $464.16 per year difference for the same plan

81006 (Pueblo)  Plan F   Medico 138.45 —  183.00 United American  $534.60 per year difference for the same plan


 As you can see your zip code and the company you choose can make all the difference

Remember, the plans are standardized and you will not get better service just because you are paying a higher price.

If you are on a fixed income it’s better to keep your money for the things you might need than give it to an insurance company..

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